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Managing People for First Time Supervisors In The New Work Environment

The COVID-19 outbreak has set a new reality for most of us with a whole new realm of challenges. With so much going on around us, adjusting to new reality can be difficult. Our new course was designed to address the unprecedented new challenges that organizations face and provide guidance to help you.

As a supervisor, you are the link between your employees and the organization. It is your ‘supervisory’ skills that will determine whether your employees fail or succeed in their roles. This is the perfect time to receive the valuable coaching and leading-edge training that you need to succeed.

In this program, you will learn the ‘how-to’s’ of management, learn the best practices from senior managers and leaders, and learn what you need to know before you become overwhelmed by employee issues. Once you are placed in a management or supervisory position, how you deal with policies and procedures, set and apply standards, and your ability to communicate, will all directly influence your employees’ morale, motivation, and performance. In this workshop you will learn how to motivate and confidently manage people, gaining the respect of your team.

In this course, attendees will learn about:

  • What is managing people all about
  • Workplace challenges in the new workplace environment
  • Your changing role as a Supervisor
  • The Supervisory Toolbox – what tools can you rely on?
  • Understanding performance and setting performance standards
  • Coaching strategies
  • Better understanding employees – their motivation, their personality, their skills
  • Effective communication strategies in the changing workplace environment