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Enhancing Employee Performance
Enhancing Employee Performance

An organization’s viability is directly related to the performance of its employees. A well managed organization has an effective performance management system that aligns individual employee performance goals with the organization’s mission and vision. A comprehensive performance management system will link an employee’s performance to compensation, promotion opportunities, training and development, and discipline.

In this program, learn how to identify and quantify good performers from poor performers. Learn why it is important to develop standards of performance and individual performance objectives. More importantly, learn how to communicate these objectives while still creating motivation and commitment.

Program Content

  • Subjective and objective data collection
  • Establishing performance criteria
  • Identifying critical incidents
  • Building a ‘File of Accomplishment’
  • How to quantify behavioural criteria
  • Building a performance plan
  • Communicating performance objectives in an empowering manner
  • Linking employee goals with organizational goals
  • Performance Standards – can you articulate them?
  • Learn why performance management is an on-going process and not a single event