Canadian Professional
Management Services


2011 International Conference
for Police & Law Enforcement Executives

The Evolution of Excellence

The 7th annual International Conference for Police & Law Enforcement Executives was all about “The Evolution of Excellence.” An international roster of senior law enforcement leaders from around the world shared their leadership stories, effective leadership strategies and most importantly, their everlasting passion for the industry that ultimately motivates their executive team.

Delegates at this year’s conference not only had the opportunity to hear from senior executives within the police and law enforcement industry but they also had the privilege to gain valuable insight from government officials. The guest speakers provided delegates with fundamental strategies to assist with difficult leadership issues that included: renewing the executive team, growing trend of authority without experience, ongoing organizational dilemmas, drawing on strategic capacity when things go wrong, the importance of getting the message quickly and accurately to the front lines, and assisting the organization with difficult transitions.

This year’s conference was hosted by the “E” Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with partnerships from law enforcement partners across Canada which included the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police, Edmonton Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, York Regional Police, Canadian Professional Management Services, Delta Police Department and the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Canadian Association of Police Boards.

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