Canadian Professional
Management Services


2012 International Conference
for Police & Law Enforcement Executives

Delivering on a Promise: To Serve and Protect

The eighth annual ‘International Conference for Police and Law Enforcement Executives' was held in beautiful Quebec City, Quebec, in the spring of 2012. The conference was hosted by Directeur Serge Bélisle and Service de police de la Ville de Québec. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Association des Directeurs de Police de Québec, Canadian Association of Police Boards, and Canadian Professional Management Services were among the sponsors.

Over 30 international speakers from as far as France, Israel, Jamaica, Australia, Ireland, Austria, and the United States, joined local Canadian executives to share their experiences with specific strategies to manage through their challenges.  Our delegates heard from these leaders who have seen their special teams go bad, or how they dealt with persistent media reports on small time crime that could have eroded public confidence.  How did these leaders go from hero to zero in a heartbeat as their community’s confidence did an about turn…and how did they regain their community’s trust?  This conference provided all of our guests yet another opportunity to honestly share their experiences of triumph and disappointments.  Being the ‘commander-in-chief’ can sometimes be a lonely and thankless job, but all of our speakers and delegates alike, are now able to develop a network of associates that can provide support and solutions.

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