Canadian Professional
Management Services

Vancouver Fire Department

2012 International Conference
for Fire & Rescue Executives

Leadership in Critical Times

Hosted by Chief John McKearney and the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, CPMS brought together an international list of guest speakers to highlight the importance of leadership in critical times.  It is your ability to lead in tough conditions that will make or break your career.  Speakers from Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, the United States, along with Canadian fire executives shared their personal experiences...some that led to positive outcomes, some that did not.  Through these candid discussions, delegates were able to truly learn and appreciate the skills as well as the various strategies required to manage a volatile environment.

Some comments from delegates include:

"Very impressive conference."
"Excellent value!  Enjoyed the networking opportunity."
"Very diverse subjects and presenters.  It's nice to hear from our neighbours from around the world."